It may be the little kid in me, but I’ve always loved parades. I like the marching bands, the baton twirlers, the horses, and the old cars. There’s nothing more thrilling than a restored, functioning car that was built before I was born. And if it was a convertible hot rod, so much the better.
I was determined to have a car to drive in local parades and just generally show off. I put a classified ad on My request was for a completed car, not a work in progress. It had to run perfectly and, if it was a hot rod, I was even more interested. I stipulated that all transactions would be through
The first man who called said that we could skip paying fees to an escrow company. He could be trusted; he was a preacher. I said goodbye. I don’t think I even bothered to find out what he was selling.
The second seller had a 1936 Plymouth convertible, cream-colored with a maroon top and a rumble seat. He was more than happy to use We were talking about a lot of money here, and he didn’t want to end up holding a worthless cashier’s check while I was driving away in his car.
I was contacted by a third seller who had a 1939 Ford Phaeton that was perfectly restored, with no expense spared. He said it was “475 horsepower of shining black street rod heaven.” He, too, was willing to use
I had to choose. Did I want the parade-ready convertible, with a rumble seat for the grandkids? Or did I want the black beauty demon-on-wheels, with more power than I would ever use in a parade? Both sellers were willing to pay the transport costs, let me drive the car for a while, and use I made deals with both of them. But I made sure they knew there was another car in the running, and one of them was probably going to be disappointed.
I was the one who was disappointed. After we set up accounts with, including the option of making sure the title was clear, I took delivery of both cars. It was going to be a hard decision, until called me four days later. There was a mechanic’s lien on the Plymouth. When I called the seller, he swore he didn’t know anything about it. I told him to send the transport back and pick up the car. I wasn’t interested in doing business with someone who either knowingly lied to me or was too ignorant to learn his car’s history. I informed to return my money to me and close that transaction.
The Ford Phaeton was exactly as advertised, with a clear title and we closed the deal. Yes, it has more power than I need for a parade, but I look good in that car, and you should hear it purr down the city streets.

Zuperpollo’s History


In December 1985 we decided to visit Miami with my family for Christmas and know because after living 14 years in California, wanted a change of scenery. For me in particular, struck me the city and the people, especially the Latin here occupied and occupies a very important role in society, Miami, and the general public is willing to share their own culture and accept new ways. Then I saw the possibility to cooperate with my small Uruguayan culture in the gastronomic and musical. That was a good reason to start a new life in Miami, then in March 1986 we moved, and in the month of August was born my new venture called ZUPERPOLLO.El inherit the business name of a friend of Uruguay and the original idea was starting a restaurant chain specializing in chickens. The name of the restaurant was with S as Superman, but in the middle of remodeling appeared a competitor with the same name and instead of starting a dispute over the name, you change the Z and S for a successful ZUPERPOLLO born so. The original idea of ??starting a restaurant chain just as soon as I saw decrepit chickens in front of a full kitchen and with the possibility of a grill in the hall of nostalgia fondo.La have a full and varied menu around the customs Uruguayan and / or Argentine took me to put into practice my culinary knowledge and without being chef by profession but with the taste of fat with good experience in the family kitchen, made to establish a menu with dishes from our culinary culture but with a personal touch to make a difference and put an identity to our menu. One of the main reasons for our success was to never change recipes and always keep the same taste and quality in our dishes. Nostalgia also leads me to the River Plate and satisfying music I like singing. Fortunately, the public accept my repertoire and I force myself to constantly renew and to internationalize issues of all countries. Today we have international show, and most excellent clientele, thanks to continued support of the community and decent local news ratings.